The Unchained Goddess, 1958 Bell Labs

The Unchained Goddess, 1958 Bell Labs

The Bell System Science Series consists of nine television specials made for the AT&T Corporation that were originally broadcast in color between 1956 and 1964. The Unchained Goddess, Directed by Fran...

The Unchained Goddess, 1958 Bell Labs
New Facebook Cover Video of recent images

New Facebook Cover Video of recent images

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New Facebook Cover Video of recent images
Hershey Bar Pie

Hershey Bar Pie

A recipe my mom and one of her friends came up with to beat the heat during those scorching summer days. The pics were taken in 1994 and by 2004, I finally coded an html page and then it laid dormant ...

Hershey Bar Pie
LED Induced Light Pollution

LED Induced Light Pollution

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LED Induced Light Pollution

Hershey Bar Pie

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Hershey Bar Pie

Hershey Bar Pie

As summer approaches, I always start to think about my favorite cold desserts.  One that I have enjoyed for years is a Hershey Bar Pie.  My mom and one of her friends came up with this recipe 40-45 years ago (1t was 1959 according to the date on the index card) and I just thought I'd share it here.  It's pretty easy to make and a few years ago, I  asked Georganne to make me one while I took some pictures.  I had planned to post them at the time, but don't recall that I ever did.  Please forgive the instructions - they are not written down on the "recipe card" and I am not really into the proper kitchen terminology.


  • 20 marshmallows or marshmallow cream
  • 1/3 c. milk
  • 3 small Hershey bars

  • 1 c. whipping cream or pkg. of dream whip
  • 1 Graham cracker crumb pie shell


HersheyBarPie (8)


HersheyBarPie (9)


Add the marshmallows (or the marshmallow cream) to a large mixing bowel


Next, add 1/3 c. milk


HersheyBarPie (10)



HersheyBarPie (11)









Break up the 3 Hershey bars into small bits and add to the mix


Heat the marshmallows, milk and chocolate bar bits until the chocolate is melted.


HersheyBarPie (12)



HersheyBarPie (13)










Stir the goo until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.


Next, add the whipped cream (we always use Dream whip or cool whip or whatever that stuff in the tub is.)



HersheyBarPie (2)



HersheyBarPie (3)









Mix the Dream whip and try to refrain from eating it yet.


Pour the mixture into the Graham Cracker pie shell.


HersheyBarPie (4)



HersheyBarPie (5)









Looks yummy, doesn't it.


Cover and place in the freezer for 2 - 3 hours.


HersheyBarPie (7)



HersheyBarPie (6)









Now it is OK to lick the spatula


I prefer to eat the pie right from the freezer, although it is very difficult to cut.  Georganne prefers to let it thaw a little.  Either way, it is out of this world.


HersheyBarPie (1)


Hope everyone has a great summer and gets to try this yummy treat!




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