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Big Bend Weather - Newsgroup Descriptions


• Announcements - Watch this group for announcements pertaining to BBW ( community/website news, policies and important information and rules and regulations regarding this message forum and your member account.
• BBW Help and Feedback - Need help with the BBW website or forum issues? Want to make suggestions or submit general feedback about the forum or site? This is the forum to do this!

Local Weather

• Local Warnings -  ### Emergencies, wild fires, high water and flooding, damaging wind, ...anything that has the potential to cause harm or loss of life or property.
• General BBW - Discuss anything weather related and for any topic that is not specific to any other forum.
• Public Safety - For discussion of public safety, law enforcement, first responders, emergency management and related subjects in relation to severe weather in the Big Bend Region.

Earth Sciences

• Lightning-Thunderstorms - discussion of lightning, thunderstorms, micro bursts, or other severe weather and related topics.
• Meteorology - Discuss general meteorology subjects here including weather terms, monsoons, predicting weather, clouds, weather phenomena, severe weather, tropical weather, space weather and other types of weather in this section.
• Aviation Weather - Use this board for posts relating to Aviation Weather in the Big Bend. Things like AIRMETs METARs, NOTAMs, PIREPS, SIGMETs, ASOS, RVR, Pilot Weather Briefings, Icing/Turbulence/Winds Aloft Forecasts, Wind Shear, etc.

General - Misc.

• Sky - If it's in the sky, post it here. Dirt Devils, Rainbows, Fog, cumulonimbus clouds, the Colima Warbler, drones, UFO's or auroral displays, you can post it here. Please see posting guidelines for photographs or videos in Announcements - Must have an "Author" or equivalent account to post images.
• Wild Weather Wayback Machine - An Archive for personal encounter stories or other documentation of storms or phenomena including any recollection of past unusual, or severe weather, paranormal, UFO or drone sightings or anything else that occurs in or from the sky in the Big Bend Region. Stories from a scientific perspective and those exhibiting entertainment value are welcome. (Please provide date(s) of occurrence and whether or not under the influence at the time of encounter).

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