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Current Weather

In addition to Big Bend Weather's home Page, we have several different views in this section, some of which show recent history in addition to the current conditions. Please note that some applications on our site may require Adobe Flash.

BBW Current Conditions - Current conditions from our instruments. Data is updated on different intervals depending on the type of data. Wind speed and direction are continuously updated, while some values may be updated every 2 - 10 seconds. All data is updated no less than every minute. To see the most recent data, please refresh your page. If the time displayed in the "Sky" section is the current time, then all data on this page is current.

Graphical Data - This page will automatically scroll the various graphs of all data types which displays the current along with the previous 24 hours. Manual control (forward and back) can be done by clicking the arrows at either end. Hovering with the mouse will reveal a magnifying glass icon which if clicked, will display full size graphs.

Recent - Displays a table of current data values with maximum and minimums (both since Midnight and 24 hour).

Our data on the NWS - This page contains our data that has been ingested into the NWS database and includes several variables in graphical form such as yearly and calendar rain amounts. It also displays our data uploaded during the past 48 hours or past 7 days in a table view with measurements on 10 minute intervals.