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Big Bend Weather Forecasts

Our Forecasts section provides the most recent "Point" forecasts, regional predictions for the probability of rain, lightning, storm fronts and more. Forecasting is difficult as it is subject to thousands of variables which are constantly changing by the second. Additionally, the Big Bend is well known by the meteorology community as a micro-climate that breaks all the rules for conventional forecasting. We utilize data generated from the National Weather Service’s National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) combined with data from our instruments along with our onsite human observations, to give you the most reliable and accurate forecasts for the region.

Our 5 day Point forecasts display a graphical, summary and verbose details for a number of communities and locales in the Big Bend. We have combined our various forecasts in a single page display, with a drop down arrow to easily select any of 15 different locations (including several locations in Big Bend National Park). A printer icon in the lower right of the page links to a "printer friendly" version of any forecast.  See Note below


We also have a 7 day Point Forecast page, with all the same features of the 5 Day Point Forecast page. The icons display on 2 rows (Day/Night) and will also display "Split" icons when conditions warrant.

Note: The NWS has been upgrading their server systems over the past few years as they are converting to  (HTTPS). The 5 Day Forecast page is still accessing some http connections and functions properly. Occassionally, you may see a "red" warning box on one or more selections on the 7 Day Forecast page, stating the forecast is not currently available (and will display the closest forecast instead), while the 5 Day Forecast page will display the current point forecast correctly. This is typically caused when they are switching systems during theri upgrade - refreshing the page or trying in a few minutes will usually load the desired forecast.


In addition to "Real Time" UV and Solar levels on our home page, we have a UV forcast fot the Big Bend Region. 

Our Warnings section of Storm Lab provides users with a convenient location to quickly access all Severe Weather Warnings and Advisories for the Big Bend Region. A NWS Summary page will display any notifications issues with links to detail pages for both Hazardous Outlook bulletins and Brewster Cnty Advisories issued by the National Weather Service. Out site polls the NWS database for any issued warnings or any type of severe weather advisories and makes them readily available in an easy to access location.

In our  Fire Weather section, users can view a 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Map for the Big Bend with the option to view other geographical areas of the nation.

The Hydrology section of Big Bend Weather provides alerts and flood warnings along with flow and depths of the Rio Grande for 10 USGS gauging stations both upstream and downstream of the National Park boundary.