Rio Grande Levels / Warnings

Big Bend Weather Hydrology

Real time river information in both graphical along with official alerts and observations. Critical data for anyone planning a float trip or other river activities. View real time data (when available) from 10 USGS gauging stations for the Rio Grande. River levels and alerts for flood stage and flow from Candelaria Crossing upstream of Presidio to Foster Ranch downstream of Big Bend National Park. Data provides 7 day graph of flow, and Flood stage. Historic crests, Recent Crests and Low Water Records when available for the following USGS gauging stations. Gauge location shown in both Decimal Degrees for Latitude and Longitude and also in UTM format.

Please be patient as we convert all our data pages to a new responsive view. We are striving to make our data easy to view on every size browser from small smart phones to full size phones, multiple tablet sizes, laptops and widescreen desktop monitors for all the major browsers on all platforms. With Responsive design, switching from portrait to landscape view will automatically re-arrange page elements for the best possible experience with no horizontal scrolling, resizing your browser on "the fly" will resize photos and videos while keeping all text at an optimum size foe easy reading. Note: BBW provides many data sets in many formats. Some views in spreadsheet or table formats, may not be appropriate for resizing, and therefore may require horizontal scrolling. Also, we have a couple of pages that require Adobe Flash Support. Apple Safari, for example does not. Where possible, we have alternate views for those without Flash support.  Our Storm Tracker app has bot Adobe Flash version and a version written in pure HTML5, which should display in most every device. However, Adobe Flash provides more user customization and has some features that are not possible in HTML5, but the data view itself is astounding in the HTML version.

Our hydrology section is still under conversion, check back soon for a click-able map view showing locations of gauging stations. Also, we have many of our previous pages to convert along with some new content so - Please check back for new additions and pages.

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